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Phillips County DUI, DUI per se, DUI drugs, DWAI, and Felony DUI cases are prosecuted by the Sterling Office of the 13th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.  The courthouse is located at 221 S. Interocean Avenue, 2nd Floor, Holyoke, Colorado 80734.  The county court criminal docket is typically held on Thursdays.

Due to the lower population of Phillips County, Colorado, DUI and DWAI charges are  infrequently charged in the county court system.  In the year 2021, there were 20 total DUI cases and only 1 DWAI case charged in the court.  The Phillips County Sheriff’s Office, the Holyoke Police Department, the Haxtun Police Department, and the Colorado State Patrol are active law enforcement agencies in the county.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI offense in Phillips County Colorado it’s important to recognize that you likely have two cases going on at the same time.  The first case is a civil case with your driver’s license administered by the Colorado Department of Revenue.  The second case is a criminal case in Phillips County Court.

The civil case with your driver’s license is triggered by submitting a breath test at .08 or greater (or .02 or more if under 21 years of age), refusing a breath/blood test, or submitting a blood test yielding a result of .08 or greater (or .02 or more if under 21 years of age).  A hearing should be requested with the DMV within 7 days of the date of notice of the Express Consent Affidavit and Notice of Revocation for breath or refusal cases, and by the deadline indicated in the letter received from DMV for blood test cases.  If a driver is unable to request a hearing by the deadline in the Express Consent Affidavit or by the deadline indicated in a letter from DMV, a “late hearing request” may be submitted which sets forth the grounds upon which an Express Consent Hearing should be granted.  If a late hearing request is granted, it may/may not be possible to obtain a temporary permit to drive on upon until the hearing.

The criminal case in Phillips County Court will typically commence with an initial court date as indicated on a person’s summons (ticket) or bond paperwork.  It’s typically best to secure representation as quickly as possible prior to any court appearances in the case.  An experienced DUI lawyer will likely move the court date to allow time to investigate the case and prepare an aggressive defense strategy with the client.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI or DWAI offense in Phillips County, Colorado contact Attorney Monte Robbins today for a free case evaluation at 303-355-5148.  Mr. Robbins is experienced with DUI matters in Phillips County Court.



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